Merciless fight

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Bryan had met Kevin on the street. Kevin insulted Bryan on the street, so Bryan decides to punish Kevin. Both change clothes in front of the ring and put on sportswear and are barefoot and without shirts, so only wear the Muay Thai short. This is followed by a merciless fight with facekicks, bare nuckles and all fighting techniques as in the mortal combat series. Kevin bleeds and is last eliminated by Bryan. His brother Jacob comes along and wants to avenge Kevin. Another hard fight, in which Jacob is also defeated at the end after Bryan broke his bones.

2 reviews for Merciless fight

  1. noobgutz

    Great match but Bryan lost all his muscles, please build back your great bod. You will always be my favourite character!

  2. Dread1990

    love the repeat kicks to the face showing their legs.

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