Merciless SuperLora

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1 review for Merciless SuperLora

  1. Williams

    Enjoyed this more than expected. Sometimes your women get killed (preferably only by another female I’d say). This is wonderful Lora in invincible form (a mode normally of less interest to me), which I view here as a wish fulfillment parable, maybe disapproved by some, but clearly fantasy and a refreshing anitidote to reading news items about women battered, attacked and even killed by men, whom I mostly consider cowardly or defective doing so.
    No story as such, just pure and glorious mayhem. What DOESN’T she do to the gang (often the same guys in different guises) before eradicating all opposition? Love the looks on their initially cocky faces changing when it dawns on them that this girl ‘in fancy costume’ is no pushover. Especially enjoyed the karate chops and the bit where she stomps on a guy’s toes and at the same time smashes him in the nuts! In place of the shinier skirts normally worn as supergirl she wears a brown leather type here, which I prefer, and which gives her a more lethal look. Great entertainment.

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