Michael vs Michelle. Lift and carry

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Michelle is wearing a police officer outfit. She comes into the room and sees Michael asleep. She pulls out a gun, hits Michael in the head, and tells him he is under arrest. Michael stands up, and looks at Michelle annoyed, and then knocks the gun out of her hand. Then, he walks up next to her and stairs down at her. Michelle is tall, but Michael is a lot taller. She is a little scared but she tells him that she is a cop and that he is under arrest for theft. He says he doesn’t care, and turns around to step on the gun, breaking it.
When Michael’s back is turned to her, Michael decides to grab Michael in a headlock, trying to pull him down to the ground, but he’s too big. He stands up, picks Michelle up without using his arms, so she’s dangling in the air, holding onto him. Even her whole weight is not enough to pull him down. He asks if she wants to stop playing around now. She smiles sheepishly at him, and says oops, so he bends down a little bit, setting her on the ground, still not using his arms.
However, she hasn’t given up so she starts to punch him multiple times, kicking him a few times too. Michael feels nothing and just laughs.


1 review for Michael vs Michelle. Lift and carry

  1. Cindy Taine

    Nice video. Would love to see Michelle be the one to do the lift and carry ,not with Michael of course but maybe with some other woman or man in a future video

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