Michelle vs a serial killer

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Michelle enters the room with a gun and looking for Kevin to arrest him for what she did with Nancy last time. They fight until he catches her in a bearhug, She screams in pain and tells him to put her to sleep. He cradles her and walks around the room. In the end of the video he takes her away to make her a part of his collection of the beautiful policewomen.

2 reviews for Michelle vs a serial killer

  1. Cindy Taine

    It is so nice to see lift and carry in a video, Michelle is such a good liftee, maybe next time Michelle can be the one doing the carrying, she doesn’t have to carry Kevin or even a man, maybe Michelle can carry the other ladies

  2. tormrod

    Another fantastic entry in the great “serial killer” series with awesome cradle carries of a beautiful girl. These are my favorite videos you make. Please keep these coming and I’ll be sure to keep buying them. A must purchase for any fan of sleepy arm carries and a beautiful female form. Don’t stop!

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