Mistress Lora

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Patrick wakes up finding himself tie to a chair as hostage then Lora came in a sexy way wearing sexy bikini. She starts to mocking him and humiliating with different kind of punches, kicks, slaps, low blows, and holds.

2 reviews for Mistress Lora

  1. tws

    5+++. Lora is amazing as she shows her strong, toned, athletic body. Sexy, powerful and skilled. The lift and throws are breathtaking (more please). Lora at her most stunning.

  2. VIApathy

    I’ve seen 1000s of femdom videos and this one manages to be my most favored of them all! The acting is great between Lora and Patrick! I personally loved the degradation, and the combat bits. Bonus was the video covering most of my sought out fetishes. This is such a rare kind of video and I highly recommend others to check it out as well! I’m legit terrified of Lora now! Stay away, you seductive beauty! o-(O_O ;;)>

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