Mixed fight

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 11 minutes

Lora is a spy that is infiltrating a building to steal something (we never know what). Eric is a guard that is securing the building. Fight happens indoors, in the same room. All punches Eric does on Lora are facepunches. There are no belly/body punches on Lora. The vast majority of the facepunches are left and right punches, with a few jabs, crosses and uppercuts, but there are much fewer in number. Eric also hits Lora with a few knees, elbows and headbutts. Eric also throwns kicks on Lora that hit her in the face/head and body. Lora never hits Eric with facepunches. Whenever Lora tries to punch Eric in the face she misses or Eric parries/stops the strike. Lora only hits Eric in the body, with bodypunches and kicks.

1 review for Mixed fight

  1. Carlos

    Hello. This is my custom video. I am very happy with the results. This is now my favorite of all my customs i have ordered from Lora. The fight choreography from both Lora and Eric are great. And Lora never looked better to me, she looks amazing.
    I hope all you enjoy this video as much as i did.

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