Mortal Kombat – Battle of The Sexes

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3 reviews for Mortal Kombat – Battle of The Sexes

  1. konstantinmolaian

    Great!! one of the best videos. I like new actors. Second actors balls cupping and groaning should be longer. Great groin hits. I would love to see more groin hits with new actors

  2. Maxwell

    Very good male vs female video! There are a total of 3 fights in this video, in the end the winner of the other fights fade off. The woman in pink is super sexy! The only negative are wished the males did low blows to the female as well and the final fight is a bit short but the surprise ending was refreshing and sexy! If you love seeing females and males beat each other than definitely for you!

  3. Yang

    Interesting and reasonable script when the guy in blue spoke out that ‘It’s ridiculous fighting girls’ and spared the first losing girl’s life after the win, but when he saw the other girl performing the ball punch fatality to his mate and later kicked his ass as well, he learnt that the girls could be tough too and he needed to do something, and then snapped the neck of the girl in pink without hesitation to neutralize the dangerous female foe.
    Hot models, hot moves, and the girls really know the dirty but most effective way against the males. I kind of love to see the scene of how the guy’s body was carried or dragged off the ring and to make it better in my perspective, I’d love to see how they gonna deal with the bodies of the two female losers after the executions, too.

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