Mortal Kombat- Luna vs Lora. Part 2

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A Mortal Kombat style fight between a sexy futuristic secret agent Orchid (Luna) vs a wild Amazon warrior queen Maya (Lora). The video is concentrating on the fighting (to the death with some weapon play); the girls getting knocked out and bruised up, getting up until one can no longer stand and is finished off. Luna fights with electric tonfas and does acrobatics moves and Lora is with knives.
Luna wins.

Mortal Kombat- Luna vs Lora. Part 2. Alternate ending

1 review for Mortal Kombat- Luna vs Lora. Part 2

  1. RUIZ


    Luna looks gorgeous as ever, and I love all the cool acrobatic moves she does. Just perfect! Luna is by far the coolest and best actress/stunt-woman in this studio.

    Lora does a bang up job too. He’s abs look amazing in the natural light.

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