Nancy Goldrake meets with Marcos Montoya and his wife Lora

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Nancy Goldrake has invited Marcos Montoya and his wife to come to her house because she wants to see Marcos after many years ago and also she wants to know Marcos’s wife Lora of Montoya. In the meeting, Nancy finds Marcos an interesting and very attractive man now that he is a mature man, but Nancy doesn’t like Lora to be close to him. Lora looks something serious cause she doesn’t like that any woman looks at her hubby and Lora doesn’t like Nancy because she can see her intentions, the chat among them come interesting when Nancy and Lora discuss and Lora fights against Nancy’s bodyguard and Lora defeats him but Nancy finishes him killing him by failed her. Lora challenges Nancy both are close to fighting but Marcos stops them because he knows about Nancy’s life and he doesn’t want that both women get hurt. Marcos makes to know Nancy that he loves Lora and this makes Nancy get sad and she accepts it, but Nancy is very interested in recovering Marcos for her.

1 review for Nancy Goldrake meets with Marcos Montoya and his wife Lora

  1. Marcos

    A meeting did not go as nancy Goldrake want it…!
    A good plot filmed into video where Nancy and Lora showed their great talent not only focused on the action else in the story, where Nancy doesn’t like Lora and Lora knows her intentions.
    I loved the video and the job of all actors especially Lora and Nancy who were the best….!♥♥
    Thanks so much, girls…♥♥

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