Nancy Goldrake’s story “The Duchess”

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Nancy Goldrake “The Duchess” is a beautiful high-class lady but with a dark side, in her teenage years Nancy knew Marcos Montoya in high school both kept a pretty friendship and Marcos fell in love with Nancy, passed several years Marcos try to engage with Nancy for marrying but she doesn’t accept him cause Marcos’s nobility ranking below a duke and Nancy already had engaged with Dario Cueto “The Duke” the worse Marcos enemy suffering his first disappointment of love.
After 10 years Nancy Goldrake becomes widowed mysteriously, but she remembers Marcos Montoya, in her try to know about him Nancy discovers Marcos Montoya is a married man and Nancy doesn’t accept that Lora Carter a withdrawn policewoman becomes a “Marquise” so Nancy decides to recover the first man who had fallen in love with her

1 review for Nancy Goldrake’s story “The Duchess”

  1. Marcos

    ♥Nancy♥ is perfect for this character, I love how she pays Nancy Galdrake…!♥♥
    I’m very happy with ♥Nancy♥ job, she has the exact touch, tall, slender, and the perfect evil beauty.
    As a story writer sometimes I like evil characters instead hero (heroines) characters. Nancy Goldrake is one of them, but what I love more, is having ♥Nancy♥ bring her to a real video, she is Nancy Goldrake as I have her written in my stories.
    A nice scene is when Nancy Goldrake takes her stress away…!♥ And what I loved most watch ♥Nancy♥ do it…!♥♥ every time that ♥Nancy♥ was beating her unconscious fighter assistants, ♥Nancy♥ was relaxing….!♥
    Amazing video…!♥♥ thanks do much ♥Lora♥ but a special thanks to ♥Nancy♥ for her great job…!♥
    I expect to have the second part of this story soon, where Lora of Montoya’s “The Marquise” will meet with Nancy Goldrake’s “The Duchess”.
    But the third part is going to be better when Lora of Montoya’s “The Tigress” will face Nancy Goldrake’s “The Lioness”…♥♥♥

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