No bruises battle

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Nancy and Rita meet in the ring to battle each other.

The fight will run for four 3 minute rounds.
The purpose of the fight is to determine a winner with no visible damage inflicted on either fighter.
Therefore, they each attack the others belly in an effort to disable her so that she’s too weak to return to her corner in time.
They attack each others bellies with continuous, gentle yet deep pushing to try and disable the other
The one rule of the fight that determines the winner is if a fighter is unable to return to her corner and touch the top of her corner post within 45 seconds after the end of round bell sounds, then that fighter loses.
The fight is dominated with continuous, gentle yet deep pushes into and around the belly buttons in different positions

In each round the fighter that is in control is trying to destroy and severely weaken the other as quickly as possible so that she won’t be able to make it back to her corner in time. The attacking fighter is frantically pushing her opponent in different positions with the hope that she can win the contest as quickly as possible.

The fighter being dominated in each round is to keep her belly soft and her frame relaxed allowing her body to be pushed in and back.
The pushing is to be rapid and continuous in an effort to weaken her from not being able to breathe.

As the fighter being dominated is being pushed she is doing her best to keep trying to breathe. If she’s trying to inhale when pushed, then she struggles to pull in air as she wheezes. If she’s trying to exhale when pushed, the air is forcefully pushed out as her cheeks puff out. Throughout the fight she sucks in air as her belly is completely collapsed in, only to have the air pushed out with the next deep push. Cheeks are slightly pulled in when air is trying to be sucked in, and ballooned and puffed out as the the air is quickly forced out from the next push.

The dominating fighter is to deliver continuous, gentle yet deep belly pushes to increase her chance of winning the match.

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  1. mbrand

    Love the ladies of lady2fight to death!
    No matter how stretched the imagination is, they do their absolute best to bring it to reality.
    Thank you Nancy & Rita, so much!

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