One-sided beatdown on Lora

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Fight type: Maledom. Brawl fist fight. One-sided beatdown on Lora.
Fight Choreography:
Lora never lands a single punch or hit on the guy. Lora misses all of her strikes or they are blocked by the guy. The guy hits Lora all the time with some very few exceptions at the beginning of the fight. All hits on Lora are punches and strikes to the face with also some elbows strikes to the face and kicks to the face and knee hits to the face.
No body punches/body strikes on Lora.
No wrestling holds no wrestling moves, no wrestling whatsoever.
No low blows.

1 review for One-sided beatdown on Lora

  1. Carlos

    Hello. I am the customer who rodeed this video custom. I am super-happy with the results, which surprassed my already high espectations. By now i have already ordered some custom vidoes from this site. I think this is the best video that they have made for me so far. It is now my favorite video not just from of my customs but also from the entire LadyFight. This was the first time i had Bryan in a custom and i liked his performance a lot. He made for a great foil to Lora. As for Lora, hewr performance is simply fantastic. Lora always surprises me in the most positive ways. I Can’t get enough of her. Her performance skills i have no words to give the her just praise she deserves. Lora is the perfect jobber and that is my favotire kind of fem fight performers. Thank you so much for making this my custom so good. Thank you very much. I hope you all also enjoy it as much as i did.

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