One-sided beating by Luna on Lora

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Boxing style, made of punching.

Only facepunches. No belly/body punches, please!

Most punches are left and right strikes to the face and head, with jabs, uppercuts and powerful crosses as complement.

Only Lora receives punches. It’s a one sided beating style fight.

Lora never hits Luna, not once.

Lora throwns punches to Luna but either misses them or Luna avoids or parries the punches from Lora.

At the begining of the fight Lora manages to avoid some of the punches Luna throwns at her but soon Luna hits Lora with all the punches she throwns at her and Lora can’t avoid them.

Each round has one or two moments where Lora is punched against the ropes where Luna gives Lora a brutal beating.


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