Only one will survive. Lucas vs Kevin

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Lukas and Kevin are rival street fighters who hope to test their skills against one another and prove which of them is stronger. They arrange for a series of fights, with the winner being declared after KOing his opponent in 2 out of 3 fights.

Only one will survive

1 review for Only one will survive. Lucas vs Kevin

  1. Mike

    This was another great custom! Both Lukas and Kevin are attractive and they did a great job throughout the fight. Excellent camera work again! The only thing I felt was weak overall was Kevin’s acting. He’s not as animated or expressive as Lukas and comes off as bored or “phoning it in” when he’s taking punches. Kevin still looks great though! Hopefully it was just an off day for him or something. Lukas did an incredible job with his acting and reactions the whole way through. I hope to do another custom with him in it some day!

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