Out of ring belly

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 12 minutes

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2 reviews for Out of ring belly

  1. Ferv

    This is my first custom video with lora i based it in the belly destruction video it includes loud belly slaps her belly turns red she is tied humilliated and in agony she is also streched and tased the outfit is the one i asked for and i love it it starts out with her tied and belly slapped you can hear the slaps clearly shes then collared and leashed there is some ragdolling involved her ass is viewable in some angles otto uses the whip the collar the taser and a metal tube on lora lora has her arms behind her back or over her head she keeps her back arched allot shes tied to the rope on the ring and to the post her abs are slapped repeatedly and clawed loras belly looks tight and fit if you want to see lora be destroyed i recommend it very much if you like her belly destruction video this is an amazing sequell

  2. mav6666_1

    I get pretty much any video of a scantily clad Lora tied and tortured and this was another amazing performance! Lora knows how to struggle against bondage and show her toned body. Her torture/peril reactions are great and her abs are ‘million-dollar’ caliber. Great script request Ferv!

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