Over the top knockout fight

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Karina and Ashley are having a back and forth over the top knockout fight.

Both girls have glass jaws. Ashley gives Karina one punch and she is knocked out like a cartoon, her eyes crossing heavily, goofy grin. She faints flat on her back with a silly grin and her tongue hanging out to one side with feet twitching lightly. Time spent on Karina’s soles while knocked out, then afterwards Ashley picks up Karinas feet and massages them. After a bit Karina wakes up and the same type of scenario happens but with Ashley getting knocked out.

1 review for Over the top knockout fight


    If you’re a fan of OTT silliness, you can hardly find anything more to your liking than this. The ladies embrace the goofiness and appear to be having fun with it. I hope that the Lady2Fight team comes up with more videos like this one because they apparently have a knack for it.

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