Pantyhose foot choke

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Five women face one man each in a room. The men attack them. They are much stronger than the men and kick and overpower them to the floor on their backs and slowly choke them to death with their nylon feet. The camera moves around to concentrate on each woman as they wiggle, spread and point their toes whilst Throatstanding with one foot on each man’s neck. They are being attacked by bad men who want to murder and rape them. This makes them nasty, serious and vicious. They are very strong and dominant with powerful kicks, knees, knee backbreakers, stomps and strength moves to break bones all for quick takedowns with the men lying on their backs injured.

2 reviews for Pantyhose foot choke

  1. di

    Great video. I like the concept of many girls against many guys but maybe, just maybe 5 girls is too much and some of the action was losted during the video if you see the global scene. I hope to see in the future a similar video of 3 girls against 3 guys but with more kicks, knees and scissorsholds. Also to finish them the girls can use neck snaps with their legs or feet. Maybe Mirah, Ashley and Luna could make a good team.

  2. D25

    Amazing, love the focus. Lora’s always had the best take on this kind of stuff. Next time add some trample or victory posing, but that’s no knock on this

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