Police woman Lora vs gangsters

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Two bosses, each with a henchman behind them, are trying to reach a deal.  Lora walks in, telling them, that she is here to arrest them, but also to destroy and humiliate them.  First, the henchmen fight yher, then the bosses also.  They try their best. Lora wins.

2 reviews for Police woman Lora vs gangsters

  1. Fred

    Great movie! That one-woman police force Lora destroys the headquarter of the criminals, and adds some humiliation on top! They never stood a chance.

  2. Williams

    Marvel at how Lora sustains these long takes. Marvel that one scarcely questions her ability to demolish four hefty males! Nice of her to let the bad guys get some shots in in this slugfest. Lots of knuckles etc sexily embed into her solar plexus (with scarcely any effect of course). Would have preferred less invincibility and more of a hard won challenge but no one will feel shortchanged by this generous length video.

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