Policewoman Lora vs two male molesters

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Lora is an arrogant female policewoman who has just caught wind of the hideout of two male molesters.Deciding that she alone will be enough,she infiltrates their hideout alone without any back up to arrest them.She enters the hideout but only finds one of the molesters,she holds him at gunpoint demanding information.Just then the other molester hits her from the back grabbing her gun away from her.Lora falls to the ground but is ordered to stand by the molester who now has her gun.Lora is ordered to put her hands behind her head while at gunpoint and pose sexily.She can’t refuse for fear of being shot,the molesters then tease her about how hot she looks for a policewoman and what a nice body she has. She is then ordered to strip to her underwear by the molester with her gun,and she does so slowly revealing her sexy lingerie to the delight of the molesters. She is then ordered to get on all fours which she complies with.The other molester starts to spank her butt repeatedly causing lora to moan.Afterwards the molester with her gun puts it away and takes part in humiliating lora as well with a series of kicks and belly punches while the other molester holds her in place.Lora begs them to stop but they continue to punish her while making crude remarks.She is then handcuffed with her own handcuffs after fainting and left for display in their hideout.

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