Red Dragon Lee vs Fire and Ice

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Nancy Frost and Meghan Blaze are the tag team fighting sisters known as Fire and Ice. They came to tell Karina The Dragon Lee, that she is finished, we will get their revenge for their little sisters THE SACRED HEART SCHOOL GIRLS, and they are going to finish her career as the top fighter.

1 review for Red Dragon Lee vs Fire and Ice

  1. sanchez

    Wow is one word I have to say about Nancy and Meghan in this video, both women are very sexy and Nancy is very funny, in her arrogant performance she is incredible, and Meghan is soo hot no pun intended, as her sister. Karina is great as the female Bruce Lee, and a special shout to the editor his special effects work is so much fun and he gave me stuff in this movie I didnt ask for that I loved, great sound design. All in all another great video from a great studio.

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