Red Hot Lora. Part 1

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All the fight scenes one sided with Lora dominating her larger opponents. She is ruthless and merciless. Lora’s character also has superhuman ninja like strength and periodically, using either one or both arms grab your male opponents by the throat or karate uniform top etc and forcefully lift, drag or push them into walls or hold their karate top with one hand while she repeatedly punches them in the face. Lora also uses her super strength to grab and drags her male opponents by their hair further humiliating them.

Red Hot Lora. Part 2

3 reviews for Red Hot Lora. Part 1

  1. tws

    Lora is red hot again, great dominant beatdown!!

  2. Polar Bear

    Lora burns both the camera and the male opposition as she dispenses her own brand of brutality against multiple male opponents. No man is spared her deadly fists, boots and nunchuck skills. A big thank you to Lora and the team. Not even I envisaged that Lora would look so damn HOT when I wrote this custom! I love this film.

  3. tbc

    Long gloves for punching, long boots for kicking men. And the way Lora’s fetish catsuit, boots and gloves make that crinkly sound! ! I love this video. Lora is like a female ninja avenger dream. The nunchuk scene made me melt.

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