Rita and Nancy receives groin attacks

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Rita and Nancy are secret agents. They crashed into the lair (2 males). In a short fight, they dominated the 2 males, knocking them down. Nancy goes on to search the lair while Rita volunteers to stays on to finish them off. Initially, the males were already beat-up, and are no match for Rita. However, Rita was too confident and got careless. Rita was using her leg to pin the throat of one male against the wall. Her leg was raised and stretched against the male. She wasn’t aware the other male has recovered, and he sent a damaging cuntbust from behind Rita on her outstretched groin. This took Rita by surprise. From then on Rita was having a hard time. The males fight dirty with low blows, cuntbusts, wrestling holds/ stretches that slowly wear down Rita. In the end, Rita is totally defeated and in pain, unable to defend herself against both males, begs for them to stop the punishment. Nancy returns in shock to see the state Rita is in. She attacks the males and knocks them back, relieving Rita. Rita is totally down and not able to help. The males fight dirty using lowblows and cuntbusts. Nancy took some damage and is barely able to hold up in a 2 on 1 fight.

2 reviews for Rita and Nancy receives groin attacks

  1. Kim Joo Mo

    I love this vodeo….Great….
    I love “Gorilla Press”…

  2. Kim Joo Mo

    I love this vodeo….Great….
    I love “Gorilla Press”…

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