Rita lifts and carries Lora

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Lora is a sexy policewoman looking for a ferocious criminal Rita. As Lora walks around the room, Rita arrives behind her. The two women fight, but Rita is stronger. She wants to prove that she is the strongest. Rita lifts Lora in a bearhug, then she loads Lora on her shoulders and carries her around the room. Lora is a rag doll in Rita’s strong arms. Rita picks up(cradle) Lora and carries her around the room.

2 reviews for Rita lifts and carries Lora

  1. Cindy Taine

    Awesome video, my favorite part was when Rita carry Lora over her shoulder. Just really love your lift and carry videos. Hope you keep doing them as I love to see more of such lift and carry videos

  2. Tiffany Kino

    It is very refreshing to see Rita doing the carrying. It is also nice to see Lora get carried. Looking forward for more future videos like this

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