Sacred Heart School Girls vs Red Dragon Karina

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Betty and Louise are sacred heart girls who challenge The read dragon Karina to fight. They are very cocky and sure thy put her asleep with their high kicks. But Karina karate chops them and enjoys the view of their soles while they are sleeping.

2 reviews for Sacred Heart School Girls vs Red Dragon Karina

  1. Anthony Sanches

    I asked Lora and her team to give me a live action cartoon, and they really came through and gave me a live action Anime. Lora and her team gave me more than I asked for, she gave me sound effects that were just cool as hell , extra special effects that were really fun. Betty and Louise gave great over the top performances, they were Cocky , Bratty, Sexy, and Funny all at the same time. Karina sells the badass role like a real female Bruce Lee, I cant wait to use her again. And of course special mention has to go out to Eric as the announcer, he adds so much to Lora videos he is invaluable to her team. Thtwo girls really sold their over th top knock outs with their snoring, togues out, drooling, twitching, and a big plus for me, they kept their eyes closed the whole time adds to their incedible performances,and these two girls are new, you could not tell they were great. All in all I loved the video and would recommend Lora and her team to anyone looking to get a Custom done she gives you so much more than you could ask for. Thanks

  2. Yang

    A hot and cute feet and the closed-up sole and upskirt views of the eliminated school girls are just brilliant and gorgeous additions. Just a minor comment, you may add the tag ‘FEET’ to this clip as well to attract more with the similar interests on soles to this one =)

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