School Daze. Episode 3

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Scene 1: Lora walks through hallways and/or stairwells. She has a POV encounter with the hall monitor (authoritative person). She taunts him and laughs/teases him.
Scene 2: Lora passes the office attendant who is engaged in another odd behavior.
Scene 3: The principal is seduced in his office.
Scene 4: Lora meets the bully that’s been pulling her pigtails and throwing spit balls at her since 1 st grade. Time for revenge
Scene 5: The coach plans to ambush Lora by covering her with a sheet then have the student hit her with a stick while she’s covered.
Scene 6: Lora’s History class presentation: ‘Ancient Conquerors and their ability to dominate’.

School Daze

School Daze. Episode 2


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