Secret agents and USB drive

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48.99 $

  • RUB: 3,479.02 руб.

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3 reviews for Secret agents and USB drive

  1. olivier

    One of the best video you have ever done !!
    Great !

  2. Bob

    Haven’t bought — it looks good but it’s very expensive, with the same short preview and small number of photos as always, and no indication of the length.

    • admin

      The cost depends on the length of the video.
      Product length: 48 minutes
      Your assessment (3-star rating) is not objective!

  3. Bob

    I agree! I didn’t know how to rate something I hadn’t seen — I couldn’t give it 5 stars but didn’t want to give it none. Feel free to remove the rating if you like. (Anyway, I’m doing 5 this time to make up for it.) I’m a fan, I’ve bought many of your videos, and I urge you to list the length for each video, and when one’s especially long, like this one, to have a longer preview.

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