Secret agents and USB drive

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4 reviews for Secret agents and USB drive

  1. olivier

    One of the best video you have ever done !!
    Great !

  2. Bob

    Haven’t bought — it looks good but it’s very expensive, with the same short preview and small number of photos as always, and no indication of the length.

    • admin

      The cost depends on the length of the video.
      Product length: 48 minutes
      Your assessment (3-star rating) is not objective!

  3. Bob

    I agree! I didn’t know how to rate something I hadn’t seen — I couldn’t give it 5 stars but didn’t want to give it none. Feel free to remove the rating if you like. (Anyway, I’m doing 5 this time to make up for it.) I’m a fan, I’ve bought many of your videos, and I urge you to list the length for each video, and when one’s especially long, like this one, to have a longer preview.

  4. Williams

    Knowing your other videos, being a big fan of battling beauties Lora and Luna, and that this promised epic body contact mixed fighting I went for it. Eric plays 5 henchmen and their boss. In effect therefore there are 6 separate brutal fights making this a mini movie with changes of setting. The first three use the attractive beach. We then move to the bare concrete crime boss headquarters, finishing with a classic rooftop showdown. Yes there’s balls targeting but also plenty of (my favourite) belly punching and head strikes, with realistic impact sounds all impressively executed. Can recommend for fans of unarmed combat devastation!

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