Self defense lesson from Sonya

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Start the clips by listing three main vulnerable points on her male attacker which are up to her.

then move on to the scenario which she will do twice once slowly explained step by step.

scenario 1 – rear bear hug arms pined to the waist. She will stand on his foot then kick her heel back to his balls then he will let her go and she will turn around and deliver one final kick to the balls.

scenario 2 – Rear bear hug with arms pinned to the waist and a 2nd frontal attacker she deals with the frontal attacker first by kicking him in the balls then deals with the rear attacker in the same way as scenario1

scenario 3 – frontal attacker which she distraction by showing her boobs she then says kick them where it hurts and kicks him in the balls.

Scenario 4 – she is walking and an attacker grabs her from behind she acts scared then dose a rear heel kick to the balls like scenario 1 he then falls to the ground she starts to walk again and the second attacker jumps out in front of her and she just smiles then flashes her boobs at him the attacker looks distracted and she kicks him in the balls then walks away to concluded the class.


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