Self defense lessons

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Product length: 36 minutes

The video has three parts. At the first part one guy will demonstrate self defense moves with Lora and Lora and will beat him and she will say she is sorry and laugh at him . The guy will be pissed off and in the second part two guys will demonstrate self defense against Lora. Lora will beat them again and feel sorry and laugh at them. Guys will be pissed off and at the third part 3 guys will attack Lora and get beaten up.

5 reviews for Self defense lessons

  1. Anonymous

    Every Lora femdom video especially with ponytail/loose hair is instant 5 star

  2. samualsknight

    Wow! This video is phenomenal! If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought this video was made just for me. Lora dominates throughout the entire video. All my favorite moves bundled into one video. She even adds a few new moves I’ve never seen before. It is clear that she just raised the bar on female domination. The men did a spectacular job baring the brunt of Lora’s punishments. Lora’s taunting giggles and seductive teases rounded out this to be my favorite video purchased to date. I owe a big thanks to the scriptwriter who sent this one in.
    Thank you!

  3. Oleg

    Overall, I really liked the clip! What I didn’t like: in my opinion, there were a lot of punches in the groin (I love punches in the groin, but there is a clear overabundance of it here); and secondly, there were very few comments from the audience and, accordingly, there was no feeling of public humiliation

  4. Victor

    one of the best videos of Lady2fight, if not the best ! Lora exchanges while beating the men, all kind of lingerie (stockings, garters, pantyhose, high heels, long sexy boots) !

  5. tws

    Lora’s legs are amazing, and deadly. Her wide variety of kicks just astonishing, her punches devastating, as she taunts and humiliates her victims with her fighting skills. All in really sexy outfits. The bonus where she does the bearhug lift at the very end is great, she should do more of these. Just a really great video from Lora. Top rating from me.

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