Seven death penalties

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Lora uses some prisoners to teach Luna various techniques to disable and kill opponents.

2 reviews for Seven death penalties

  1. Kicked72

    For my taste, one of the best videos on the website. Lora’s attire (black leotard and bare legs and feet) is amazing, she always looks great in that outfit! I loved to see Lora mercilessly destroy her male opponent under the eyes of her female apprentice. The part where she takes off the handcuffs from the prisoner, puts them on herself and then proceeds to demolish him using only her feet is absolutely amazing! Please make an entire video like that with Lora fighting only with her feet agains one or multiple male opponents. Superb video!

  2. GediNixan

    Love the concept of Lora explaining all the ways how she can hurt and kill her victims while being so cruel, brutal and completely in control. It’s just another level not only seeing how a woman destroys her prey, but also hearing that she knows exactly what she is doing, what her body capable of and how deadly her holds are. I would love some more clips in this “teaching” style – maybe one with even more focus on leg holds: Breaking necks in a reverse scissorhold, crushing rips with a body scissor, dislocating legs in a grapevine.,… And for me personally: I would love seeing it done in high-heeled boots…

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