Society Heiress Lora vs Burglar & Armed Guards. Part 1

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Smoking hot girl is attacked from behind in her bedroom by a masked burglar with bad intentions initially to kidnap her and steal her jewelry. Initially she gives in as he’s armed, ties her hands. She finds very exciting. He’s too confident, but he doesn’t know that Lora is a martial art master. She beats him down in a very slow and sexy pace until he’s finished. In the second part Lora will take further revenge on the other men elsewhere in her house.

3 reviews for Society Heiress Lora vs Burglar & Armed Guards. Part 1

  1. Maestro

    My first custom shot with Lora & certainly not my last!!

    She plays the role perfectly.

    Sassy, sexy….destructive. The guy never stood a chance.

    Look out for Pt2……

  2. tws

    Lora is very sexy in this one, great.

  3. Sam

    Lora proves that she is both gorgeous and ferocious. This woman is meant to dominate men and have them crawling back for more. More like this, PLEASE!

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