Society Heiress Lora vs Burglar & Armed Guards. Part 2

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In Part 1 Lora defeated a burglar. Before she finished him, he told her about other men elsewhere in her house. She decides to have some fun with the other bad guys before she hunts down the Big Boss.

4 reviews for Society Heiress Lora vs Burglar & Armed Guards. Part 2

  1. SMJ

    Marvellous (part 1 & 2) !
    All that I like : one side fights, lips biting and lips licking before and after the kicks, bending over legs wide spread, provocative words, looks at the viewer : the top of sexual teasing from a girl demolishing men.
    Mooore like that Laura please !

  2. Maestro

    Part 2 was even better than Part 1, as if that was possible.

    Great Custom experience.

    Looking forward to writing more for Lora to film.

  3. tws

    WOW. Lora has great moves in this all action video. She looks amazing, stunning, sexy. 5+ stars. Lora is the best!

  4. Maestro


    I’m glad you liked my style of custom/nuances.

    Lora pretty much did everything as scripted.

    Well worth doing a custom (or three) is my advice!!

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