Lora’s stomach is in danger

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2 reviews for Lora’s stomach is in danger

  1. tehnub22

    I ordered this custom, and it is honestly maybe the best I have ordered. If you’re one of the few, like me, who enjoy seeing professionally-suited girls getting belly punched, then just buy this clip now. Lora and co. really went the extra mile in terms of following my script and details to the letter, in ways I haven’t seen in other custom services. It was obvious that they did their best to include absolutely everything I listed in the script. Highly recommended.

  2. D Rock

    I bought this vid, too. Because of the custom requestor’s review and because the title clearly indicates that Lora will get it a lot in the stomach. I love how Lora gets it and takes it up her stomach and in the belly – especially her painful reactions. Lora is the best at acting out severe pain in the stomach and belly agony with realistic bend over/doubled up stomach holding and belly clutching – often on knees in head down/ass up stomach holding position. This vid did not disappoint. Just wish Lora was in a shorter, looser skirt and just blouse so some upskirt shots could be seen as she bent over and doubled up in stomach holding pain in reaction to the stomach beating she took.

    Lora is the sexiest best and stomach holding pain and suffering.

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