Sonya Stories of Slavery

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Agent Sonya is now being passed around in white slavery rings where she endures the depravity of client’s desires, who apparently are Lady2fight fans.

scene 1 – kickboxer (3 minutes in boxing ring): low kicks and belly punches instead of belly slaps;

scene 2 – LARPer (live action roleplayer; 3 minutes in neon green room): whipping scene

scene 3 – military interrogator (3 minutes in gray room): handcuffed torture scene

1 review for Sonya Stories of Slavery

  1. mav6666_1

    Sonya and Eric did amazing in this custom acting out 3 torture scenes that Lora had done in prior clips! Good kicking and bellypunching reactions in scene 1, whipping/burning reactions in scene 2, and beating/electro reactions in scene 3. And Sonya looked amazing tied up in the 3 different costumes and acting out the torture!

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