Sonya tries to avenge her sister

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Sonya wants to avenge the beating Lora gave her sister in the previous video saying that Lora destroyed her crotch and now she wants to destroy hers. Lora is far to good a fighter and absolutely destroys Sonya saying she not only will destroy her crotch but she’ll smash her breasts as well!
Lora then gives Sonya a massive beating focusing all her kicks and punches to her crotch, breasts and face. She starts to beg her not to ruin her sexy body parts but Lora won’t stop until they are destroyed and humiliated.

4 reviews for Sonya tries to avenge her sister

  1. tbc

    Those leather-like catsuits are my favorite! I realize that this isn’t my custom video, but I wish that there were high kicks from Lora. Very entertaining video to me nonetheless.

  2. Bz

    Brilliant! Love the outfits!

  3. Williams

    Lora is very skilled. Would like to have seen Sonya do some real retaliating nonetheless. Now I’ve seen this realise that mostly bellypunching (with no more than say a half dozen crotch attacks) and a good clean socking on the jaw(s) (or sexy choking) are more my bag. Not so much torturing of boobs I’m afraid. Each to their own I suppose and still enjoyed some of this vid. Lora wears nice ‘strangler’s style’ gloves (THEY look like genuine leather).

  4. wjonny

    Great one, one of the faves for sure! Couple times Sonya got hurt for real downstairs and its great! Shoot more like that please

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