Sonya vs three thug. Facesitting

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Sonya was at home, getting ready to head out for gym. Suddenly, 3 intruders showed up to rob her. Point the gun or weapons against her demanding money. When she refused, robbers started beating her up. However, Sonya defeated all of them in the end.

1 review for Sonya vs three thug. Facesitting

  1. man45L.FFan

    Thugs’ nighmare fight and karate expert SONYA.Another great mixed fighting and domination video.Sexy and amazing pink costume, and white sports shoes, perfect close camera -ups ,Super male extra actor performance. Avideo that is worth the money ı paid. Sonya has become karate expert. She is capable of giving lessons even to karate teachers. Just unique to SONYA, the impossible to escape sexy scissors,incredible self confidencethe flipped scissor grips and offcourse the quick and continous kicks in the face and and squeezing the guys and holding men against the wall with her feet… Avery realistic work that will be watched over and over again…As they say Noman can beat up Sonya, Lora and other LADY2FIGHTGIRLS. All men are destined to be their box , kick and punch training mats…And your men’s playing performance are great.Thank you team.

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