Sonya vs three thug

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Agent Sonya is held captive an tied to a table. The 3 guys are her captors , they tell her now they have captured the famous agent Sonya they are going to have some fun with her. She laughs and says it’s me that’s going to have the fun and they all going to die.

3 reviews for Sonya vs three thug

  1. miko

    This is one of the best mixed fighting video i have ever seen.Sonya impoved tremendously in the fight. Sonya’s sexy and stong knee kicks, punches and palm strikes are unstopable and will knock down any man. The male actors played well. Their all acts are like real.Sonya showed us the newest fighting and scissoring techniques in the video. Such as flying kicks, turning kicks and diffeent scissor techniques. İ think Sonia is the new fighting queen in this wold. Sonia is level : 100. The poor men is level 1. We love you SONYA’s fighting and femdom videos. These 3 men just can be Sonia’s slaves. Go SONIA go. Thank you.

  2. Kev

    Sonya was superb , very sexy and good fighting skills .

  3. Gilbert

    so naughty,powerfull and lethal,every men are just tiny toys for her,and she’s always break her toys

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