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Sonya AOH video consists of 7-8 minutes AOH before a 2-3 minute hogtie scene. Villain tortures Sonya’s belly, smashes her in the ribs, whips and chokes her. Sonya stays defiant till the end.

3 reviews for Sonya’s submission

  1. mav6666_1

    Sonya did amazing in this AOH and hogtie peril custom! Great stretched out AOH posing, nice hogtie/gagged struggling, amazing reactions to torture, and good villainy by Eric as always. Lora directed my script exactly as I wanted!

  2. Ruben87

    Beautiful video

  3. 7615dairy

    Just watched this video. Good performance from Sonya! Interesting scenario where heroine is taken out by strangulation. Never seen that before and that’s saying something because I’ve seen a lot! I may consider having her in my next custom! Only wished there were more bellypunching and closeups, but, to each there own! Lol!

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