Spin girl

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Sonya is a sexy cheerleader with the cheerleading team for the top ruby club. She meets 10 strong men. The men start laughing at Sonya when she tells them she is there to pick up her baton and pompoms, they say a frail, weak little girl like her would not strong enough to be a ruby team, where superior strength is needed. Sonya (who has superhuman strength) tells the 10 big strong men that to be a cheerleader you need more strength and she tells them she will use them as her batons and pompoms, instead of her own, the 10 men just laugh and such a foolish little girl dressed in her cheerleading outfit.

1 review for Spin girl

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent video. Have waited decades for someone to produce that opening scene. Thank you for another great production. Look forward to more super strength videos you make 🙂

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