Spy Orchid vs Kim Wu. Luna wins

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Sexy futuristic spy Orchid (Luna) is after her next target, the martial arts expert Kim Wu (Sonya), and she will stop at nothing to find and eliminate her. Kim might be young but she is already a master in combat and Orchid will have her hands full with this loud mouth martial arts prodigy.

2 reviews for Spy Orchid vs Kim Wu. Luna wins

  1. tbc

    I realize that this is a stylistic choice, and that both women are capable of quasi-realistic fighting, but the fight choreography was a bit too cartoonish and campy for my taste. At the same time, I’d like to note that it was exciting to see Sonja attacking Luna in a more dominant role. She is genuinely quite good at it, and I hope to see her in the future beating more people, than being beaten herself.

  2. J

    Overall good, Luna is very good at the fight choreography and Sonya is still developing but overall it was good. Lots of sexy poses and pussy shots.

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