Spy Sisters Suffering

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Lora/Sonya spy torture story. The main novelties are:
chairtie starter scene just for Lora (sample attached; using the better chair than the Luna scene a few customs back)
Lora and Sonya positioning during whipping portion of AOH scene (so Sonya isn’t whipped when Lora is and vice versa)
positioning of Luna and Lora during hogtie scene so they are usually both on camera

2 reviews for Spy Sisters Suffering

  1. mav6666_1

    Lora and Sonya are amazing in peril once again, both looking great in their skimpy outfits. I was glad Lora was able to execute the chairtie scene perfectly before she and Sonya both put in excellent performances in the AOH and hogtie/gag torture scenes. Eric was also a great intimidating villain as usual >:) Amazing action and vocal/physical reactions by Lora, Sonya, and Eric!

  2. Anonymous

    Please do more Lora AOH videos!

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