Strong schoolgirl Betty

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The guy is working out in the gym and he can’t lift the barbell. A schoolgirl Betty comes and easily lifts it surprising him. He cannot believe it, and Betty begins to mock him, breaks bones, and squeezes him. Finally she makes him help with her homework.

3 reviews for Strong schoolgirl Betty

  1. man 45

    The new girl Betty is incredible pretty and skilled in fighting .İ like her all fighting moves. Her some kicks are so athletic and impossible to do.The man played well also. And this moscled man just can be Batty’s traingng mat and her play toy. İ think Betty would be the new favourite fighting queen soon. İ would like to see her new fighting movies. Such as Betty sexy secret agent and betty against 4 thugs movie. İ love Lady Fight movies and girls. You should must see this video beacause of Betty. Thank you .

  2. shuggie13

    Amazing new girl Betty, showing man she is much stronger, hope to see her in future videos take on even more men in her school girl outfit.

  3. man 45

    Thsi is the best schoolgirl fighting videos i have ever seen. Betty is not only beat up this huge burly man but also she is playing with him and making fun of him. Hair pulling scenes and gymnastic kicks are perfect.Its so cute that Betty laughed during the fight. Please keep this video coming.İ am very curious . Betty is the best now just in the first video .Thank you .

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