Strong schoolgirl Sonya

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Product length: 16 minutes

Sonya wants to take revenge on a friend who bothered her. He has a lot of his feet picture. She knows her friend loves karate girls? so she invites him to a dojo and askes him to give his phone and his password. The man says no, so Sonya will take it with strength.

3 reviews for Strong schoolgirl Sonya

  1. man45L.FFan

    Sonia, the world’s most beatiful and sweetiest karate and martial arts master is getting better in fighting and kicking. Sonia’s new back and spin kicks are awesome. The act of grabbing the guys neck and kicking him with her heels are superb.Poor muscular guy was Sonia’s kick and knee bag thrrough out this video. Sonia should give lesson all karate instructers about How to kick and beats a man.But i criticize bout that The men got kicked so much but there was no bruise and purple on his face . And the man didnt play convincing way .Anyway İ wonder How far Sonia will improve in combat and karate. Excellent work deserves 100 star i think. Thank you.

  2. Leo

    Another fantastic video from Sonya, always love the way she fights, agressive and sensual. Love her Kia Shouts.
    Hope to see more videos like this from Sonya or the other girls like Ashley or Luna fighting barefeet. Maybe more Karate Chops with karate kicks will be appreciated.

  3. Kevin

    More video like this please with more multi slap face kick and foot choke its awesome, I think lora will be incredible in this kind of video

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