Student Lora gets in her stomach

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5 reviews for Student Lora gets in her stomach

  1. shbeater

    The outfit is fabulous and I’m sure this is an absolute treat if you like low blows. Can another reviewer tell me if there are any other types of blows, such as face punching in this?

  2. Bake

    Spectacular acting by Lora!!!

  3. Tehnub

    Hey @shbeater, a bit late but i ordered this custom (and was really happy with the results), and just fyi it is mostly 99% a belly punching custom. there’s a few face punches, but very few, and that’s about it for other blows.

  4. D Rock

    I bought this because I love seeing Lara get it in the stomach and react with bend over/doubled over and doubled up stomach holding sa she is the best at doing. Loved her in the pleated skirt. There were some rear view upskirt shots of Lara’s ass and panties but I think there were numerous opportunities to show more rear view uoskirt as she bent over and doubled up in stomach holding pain and especially on knees head down/ass up in stomach holding pain and laying on her back while knees up and thighs spread holding stomach.

    I want to write a script with Lara in this skirt getting destroyed exclusively in the stomach with lots of rear view upskirt and panty covered ass and crotch shown a lot while she does her great and sexy stomach holding.

    Good stomach beating clip with lots of bend over and doubled up stomach holding

  5. YUNIS


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