Supergirl attempts revenge

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Lora and Luna meet again in the ring. Luna wants a revenge. Lora gently allows Luna to move her to each position without any resistance. Luna is surprised to see that Lora is enjoying the pushes so much. Then Lora exposes the crystal to Supergirl and she immediately becomes very weak. Now catwoman proceeds to destroy Supergirl with continuous belly pushing.

3 reviews for Supergirl attempts revenge

  1. mbrand

    Lora & Luna are absolute marvels! If you enjoy this type of content, then this clip is my gift to you. If you don’t, please remember this, never have I found a company that works this hard to turn one’s imagination into reality, and be this successful at it! Enough said!

  2. ralphbandit

    Nice action! Would like to see the punches sinking into bare bellies.

  3. Shawkat Ibrahim Alexander Cage

    Amazing fight 💪 Between Luna and Lora please upload Videos of Luna and Lora in You Tube please

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