Superlora Trilogy: Part 1

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Superlora sees a video, where Lex Luthor brags that he has defeated Superman, that Superlora has no guts to confront him, and that we he will therefore now rule the world and everyone has to obey him.  This makes Superlora upset.  Superlora goes to the executive suit of Lex Luthor.  She tries to arrest Lex Luthor, but he brings out three supersoldiers to defend him. He turns on the streaming camera, to show to the world, what he can do to Superlora. They are bio-engineered by Lex Luthor to defeat Superlora and they give Superlora lots of trouble.   She wins with lots of effort, having destroyed one of the supersoldiers, and beaten up the other two.   When she tries to arrest Lex Luthor, he disappears: turns out, he was just there as a hologram or video projection, having tricked SuperLora.

2 reviews for Superlora Trilogy: Part 1

  1. Albert

    is it my impression or she has superbreath? I’m waiting anxiously for Lora with superbreath!

  2. Fred

    Cool! Lex Luthor has some tricks up his sleeves!

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