Superlora Trilogy: Part 2

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Superlora finds the true lair and hide-out of Lex Luthor.  She again tries to arrest him.  This time, he turns on a green lamp that emits green “Krypto Light” and weakens her.  He then brings out a gang of three thugs, that tie up and beat up Superlora, using various tools, while Lex Luthor goes away.  One thug trips over the wire of the lamp by accident, turning it off, giving Superlora her strength back.  She wins the fight, having a bit of fun at the end, but Lex Luthor is gone.  She promises that she will be back, when he is back.

1 review for Superlora Trilogy: Part 2

  1. Fred

    Pour gang members. They thought they can beat up a girl … but not Superlora, even with the help of the Krypo light!

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