Superlora Trilogy: Part 3

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In the third video, Superlora comes back to the lair and finds Lex Luthor.  He turns on the “Krypto Light” again, but Superlora is prepared: she swallows a pill, that mitigates the effect.  She is not at full strength, but not as weak as at the beginning of the second video.  She wants to arrest him, but Lex Luthor brings back two of the supersoldiers (“they are repaired and improved!”) and two of the thugs from the second video.  He turns on the live stream camera again, to let the world see what he is capable of.  He also has some kind of special power glove or power suit, and now wants to beat up and finish Superlora.  During one of the fight, she manages to free herself and handcuff him, perhaps tying him to a pipe or so, so that he cannot get away.  She eventually beats up all the other opponents, finally grabbing Lex Luthor and flies off with him to a prison somewhere.

1 review for Superlora Trilogy: Part 3

  1. Fred

    Can they all gang up and stop Superlora? Or is is Superlora bringing in Lex Luthor, once and for all? Awesome finale to the trilogy!

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