Tell us where she’s at!

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 32 minutes

Continuation of Don’t Betray the Mafia Babes (Ashley & Nancy). It’s been 6 months since Nancy’s stomach was destroyed by Ashley and Bryan & she is out for revenge against Ashley who is hiding out. Ashley has a hot younger innocent sister Louise who recently graduated college & moved out on her own. Since Nancy hasn’t been able to find Ashley, she decides the best way to get to her is through her little sister.

1 review for Tell us where she’s at!

  1. dougieshore


    Another instant classic, as it was just as AWESOME as my other customs & it probably is my favorite thus far.

    Can’t stop watching it every way possible (iPhone, laptop, casted to big screen, slow motion). The outfits were so hot, right on point and while the new WIDE black belt is a little bit long, it was still OK.

    What a stomach beatdown Nancy and Rita dished out to poor Lois for refusing to give her sister’s whereabouts. With the variety of angles and so many different weapons (closed fist with / without gloves, knees, elbows, hi-heeled boots, brass knuckles, billy club, baseball bat, metal pipe / rod, huge red fire extinguisher, rifle butt & last but not least dumbbell), it didn’t get monotonous like some other producers.

    The acting was tremendous & it looked so REAL, especially with the bruising on her stomach getting progressively worse.

    Towards the end – after Rita rammed Lois in the gut with the shotgun butt followed by the countless blows to her midsection with the dumbbell was just perfect! That looked so painful & her reactions were priceless!

    Please thank Rita, Nancy & Lois. My mind is already racing with ideas for another custom ( perhaps a 3 on 1), so please make sure to keep the WIDE BELTS handy. Thanks again for bringing my ultimate fetish to a reality!

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