The Collector

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Karina has be ask to collect money for her boss. She shows up looking badass. Walks in room tells the guy she is there to collect money for a payment he missed.

6 reviews for The Collector

  1. Dan

    This clip won’t have been so much better if her skirt was alot shoter like a mini skirt above the knee length,

  2. azeen1304

    love this clip…i really like Karina break a man’s neck with her lovely beautiful hands in the end…hope to see more like this in future.

  3. Carlos

    Karina would be awesome in another videos as the collector beating up Lora.

  4. AHS

    Looks great

  5. Ap

    Love her look. Her skirt is the perfect length for that outfit. Would have bought it if she’d been the one on the end of the punishment. Hope to see her again in that outfit.

  6. miko

    İts the worst clip i have ever seen.Bad fighting actios bad role bad dialogues.Karina is disappointed me .İ am so sorry but i dont like it this video at all …

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