The Doll Squad 2 “Our combat uniforms”

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The Doll Squad is a “female Special Forces team” led for me Lieutenant Lora, I’m who personally select and training my girls. My female Special Forces team is specialized in strike tactical operations, extracting information, infiltration, and target elimination specialists, my female Special Forces don’t need guns, our feminine charms mixed with our fighting skills make us the most lethal weapons that no one would dare to face…!
Today I will show you what my female special forces and I do, sometimes we are in our fighting training, sometimes interrogating prisoners and sometimes I am supervising in my girls’ training. Also, I will show you our combat uniforms that you will love…!

1 review for The Doll Squad 2 “Our combat uniforms”

  1. Marcos

    When I asked Lora about this video, I wanted to watch all Doll Squad combat uniforms, their variants, and combinations that the girls might have, and how not …! with fighting scenes to get a better look at them. AND YEAH….!♥♥ I loved it…!♥♥ I can say now that… Lora’s Doll Squad team is an elite female special force and their uniforms make these girls look lethal weapons that no one would dare to face…!
    I love the Russian style, and more with the presentation of the Siberian combat uniform, those are from my new stories “The Siberian Doll Squad” with their white uniforms.
    I loved the concept about the experimented female officer and her rookies’ team under her training supervising. ♥Lora♥ is fantastic…! she has this touch…!♥♥
    Sonya look cute in this video and she puts a young touch, also Sonya is improving a lot in her fighting skill and Lora and Sonya did great their fighting scene together with good coordination.
    The Doll Squad has a lot of adventures and now I can select what uniforms they will wear to each adventure, also their uniforms have improved a lot from the old ones.
    Thanks ♥Lora♥ and ♥Sonya♥… my two lethal weapons…! I love you girls…!♥♥ and I expect to count with you two to the next Doll Squad videos.

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